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Position your facility as the leader in gait, mobility, balance, and fall risk screening and conditioning.

Download New eBook – Maximizing Payouts in the Patient-Driven Payment ModelTackling the needs of the older adult requires an understanding of the complex physiology of this population segment. Biodex balance and mobility products and programs address age-related diseases by aiding in increasing mobility, addressing fall risk, improving balance, developing muscle tone and increasing agility.

Biodex technology will set your facility apart, making it attractive to ACOs, hospitals, physicians, the community, residents and their families. Our technology expands rehabilitation capabilities to include complex, post-acute care, providing quality outcomes in the shortest period of time.

Reduce Fall Litigation

Biodex devices can directly impact the incidence of falls. It all begins with balance. As the cornerstone for a fall program, the Balance System SD is used to identify and strengthen potential fallers, which not only limits liability, but improves mobility and thereby social behavior among residents.

Become a Preferred Referral Therapy Partner

Biodex gives your facility The Referral Advantage™. Our physical medicine devices encourage safe, progressive and effective rehabilitation – crucial to partnering with an ACO. In the face of today’s move to patient-driven care, Biodex equips your facility to treat complex patients, rehab them in a shorter period of time, maximize staff and provide safe discharge to outpatient or home care.

Accelerate rehab, improve outcomes and reduce risk of readmission

With focus on improving or restoring functional independence, Biodex rehabilitation devices work in concert to achieve optimal patient outcomes at an accelerated rate – discharged to outpatient or home care in the shortest timeframe.

Rehabilitating patients in the most efficient manner is crucial in today’s Episode of Care environment. Biodex technology provides safe and effective rehabilitation.

  • Objective documentation proves progress
  • Audio and visual biofeedback to significantly improve balance and gait results
  • Comparison to normative data helps set realistic goals and demonstrates when it is safe to discharge, or if the patient requires more rehab





Make Facility Tours More Effective

Separate yourself from the competition by demonstrating your rehabilitation capabilities with advanced Biodex technology for an array of populations:

Marketing Support

Attract referring physicians, hospital discharge planners, community-dwellers, residents and their families

Biodex is committed to helping you improve resident care and build referrals. So, we provide our customers with turnkey marketing materials that can be customized to your facility. Use as part of your promotional strategy to attract residents, post-acute patients and outpatient rehab.

Click to learn more about Marketing Support for Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning
When you invest in the Biodex Balance System SD, you gain access to a series of marketing materials and sample communications to assist you with physician and patient education as well as community outreach to increase awareness and build your Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program.

Click to learn more about Marketing Support for the Biodex Gait Trainer & Music-Assisted Therapy

Gait Trainer 3 with Music-Assisted Therapy

The Gait Trainer 3 differs from an ordinary treadmill with its specialized rehabilitation design for patients with neurological involvement such as those with Parkinson’s.  The instrumented deck monitors and records step length, step speed and step symmetry – all gait factors that must be corrected in Parkinson’s disease if patients are to reduce their risk of fall. Patients are motivated by real-time audio and visual biofeedback, keeping them on target in each phase of rehabilitation.  Summary reports are available to track progress and document outcomes.

Click to learn more about Marketing Support for Peripheral Neuropathy from Biodex

Peripheral Neuropathy 

Owners of the Biodex Balance System™ SD can use customizable materials to help promote the baseline assessment, training and testing, and associated technology provided by the system for Peripheral Neuropathy.



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New technology for Ministry Good Samaritan therapists improves balance assessments

Falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems among older adults and therapists at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center have a new tool to help patients with balance issues. >>


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