As a world leader in medical devices design and instrumentation for over 60 years, Biodex has affiliations with leading industry associations and councils. Biodex supports the work of these organizations responsible for the advancement of health and wellness best practices around the globe. 

Physical Medicine AffiliationsNuclear Medicine AffiliationsMedical Imaging Affiliations

Physical Medicine Affiliations

The AACVPR has, as its primary mission, facilitation of the exchange of knowledge regarding cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation among health-care professionals. 

The American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. 

The American College of Sports Medicine promotes and integrates scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health, and quality of life.

The AGS is one of the largest professional organization of health care providers. Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all older adults. 

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is a national professional organization representing more than 63,000 members. Its goal is to foster advancements in physical therapy practice, research, and education. 

Industrial Physical Capability Services (IPCS) provides standardized and objective physical capability testing for new hires and injured employees. 

The Medical Fitness Association informs, promotes, provides exceptional networking and educational opportunities, serves as an effective advocate, and defines industry-wide standards of professional excellence. Isn't it time you made active membership in MFA a part of your present and future growth strategy?

NATA Corporate MemberThe mission of the National Athletic Trainers' Association is to enhance the quality of health care for athletes and those engaged in physical activity, and to advance the profession of athletic training through education and research the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries. 

Nuclear Medicine Affiliations

A scientific, educational, and professional organization of more than 4,500 medical physicists. 

An organization of physicians and scientists designed to disseminate the results of scientific research, promote excellence in patient care and provide opportunities for educational and professional development. 

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) has been created in 1985 by the merging of the "Society of Nuclear Medicine - Europe" and the "European Nuclear Medicine Society". 

The World-wide Federation of Medicine and Biologi'a Nuclear (WFNM&B) 

The mission of the Radiological Society of North America is to promote and develop the highest standards of radiology and related sciences through education and research. 

The Society of Nuclear Medicine is an international scientific and professional organization founded in 1954 to promote the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine. 

Medical Imaging Affiliations

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) was officially established as a multidisciplinary organization in 1952 when the use of ultrasound for medical diagnosis was in its infancy. Medical pioneers recognized the potential of this fast-growing imaging modality and agreed on the need to advance the art and science of ultrasound in medicine and research. 

AORN is the professional organization of perioperative registered nurses that supports registered nurses in achieving optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures. AORN is the global leader in promoting excellence in perioperative nursing practice.

A unique blend of professional experience in work safety to reduce injury. Stabilize staff turnover and improve productivity.

The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography was founded in 1970 to promote, advance, and educate its members and the medical community in the science of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.


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