Peripheral Neuropathy Program

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Matt Waffensmith, Executive Director

Golden Valley, MN

“At Legacy Rehabilitation Group, our therapists value most the versatility of the Biodex Balance System SD in our clinic. From neurological to orthopedics, a wide variety of conditions are able to be treated using the testing and tracking programs of our Balance System. Patients have responded well to the progression of programs and changing difficulty levels. Maintaining detailed records of progress supports our mission to help patients achieve their highest outcomes using research-backed treatments. The Balance System’s ability to immediately print outcomes keeps the patients focused on achieving therapy goals, while the visual, easy-to-use touch screen makes the treatments fun." >>

Meghan Klein, DPT and Director of Clinical Development

Waconia, MN

“We use the (Biodex) Balance System with a number of different types of patients. One of my favorite types is the stroke patient. It gives them immediate feedback on affected-side weight bearing. It is also very helpful in rehabilitating patients with Parkinson's disease, who have a tendency of falling backwards without sensing their risky stance. The Balance System can show them feedback that emphasizes that fall risk. But they also can use the machine to practice getting their weight forward on their toes, and being able to control their balance and their center of gravity in ways that they may have been too afraid to attempt prior to Balance System training." >>


Highly trained OT's and PT's use the Biodex Balance System SD to measure and improve patient performance -- seeing significant improvement in just six weeks. >>

Roosevelt Moore
Physical Therapist


Physical Therapist, Roosevelt Moore, talks about how the Biodex Balance System allows patients to see their own progress. >>


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