Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management

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Spencer Elliott, MA, LAT, ATC
Manager of Athletic Training

Charlotte, NC

“We chose to use the Biodex BioSway as our primary vestibular assessment tool based on its simplicity for our clinical staff.  Clinicians performing the balance test at the Competitive Edge Sports Screening Day had never used the Biodex equipment before, but with minimal training on the morning of the event, these clinicians quickly became pros, each performing 25-30 baseline tests every hour. The Biodex testing, paired with the ImPACT™ cognitive testing, is a powerful tool to determine when an athlete is ready to return to play following a concussion.” >>

Adam Brill, ATC, LAT
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

Sheboygan, WI

“Aurora Sports Medicine Institute has been using the Biodex Balance System SD for balance assessment in our concussion management program since June 2011.   We already had the Biodex Balance System SD in our therapy unit for a couple of years being used primarily for physical therapy and rehabilitation.   It was like finding a hidden treasure, knowing that we had a balance assessment solution already in place and could now repurpose it for use in our concussion management program.   However, I never like to follow anything blindly.  It took us a good 3-4 months to fully research all components of our concussion program before we actually put anything into place. >>

Lance Kelly MPT, ATC
Hughston Clinic, P.C.

Columbus, GA

“I have used the Biodex Balance System for two years with a wide variety of patients ranging from geriatrics to professional athletes. It is a great resource to have in the clinic when dealing with hip, knee, and ankle dysfunction patients, and is especially beneficial with the athletic population.

As a rule, athletes are very competitive and hate to be shown their functional deficits. The Biodex Balance System shows their proprioceptive weakness and challenges them to improve. The Balance System test mode provides a standard baseline to evaluate the athlete in a static or dynamic nature. The computer generates a print-out of the standard deviations of correctional mistakes and the percentage of time the athlete stays in a particular quadrant. It then compares this to normative balance data that Biodex has provided. This allows the objective measures of the athlete to be trained, and then easily reevaluated and assessed to quantify proprioceptive improvement. >>

Lisa Lowe MEd, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer

Austin TX

“We are extremely excited about getting started with our Biodex Concussion Varsity Program here at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. The portable BioSway static balance training and testing device that we use with the program is perfect for our facility since we have limited space. The chance to have a portable unit allows us some extra freedom in terms of taking it into the locker room or finding a small area in the athletic training room to set up when we need it." >>

J.C. Andersen, PhD, ATC, AT, SCS
Director of Athletic Training,
Department Chair, Exercise Science and Sport Studies

Tampa, FL

“From what I've seen so far, the Biodex Concussion Management Program is very simple to implement, software friendly and takes a logical approach to the evaluation of concussion patients. I very much like that it provides a nice graphical output and includes a database program that allows users to easily view the various measurements that are part of the protocol.

“At The University of Tampa, we are broadly implementing the Biodex program with our teams for baseline testing of athletes, particularly for our higher risk sports. The baselines established will be used with post-injury evaluations to provide another diagnostic tool in our toolbox when an athlete is unfortunate enough to suffer a concussion." >>

Paul Lasinski
Athletic Trainer and Health Educator/ Student Assistance Liaison

Greenlawn, NY

“I used the Biodex BioSway and Biodex Concussion Management Program this past fall football season. Although we went concussion free, it was comforting to know I had the Biodex balance test data available because it gave us another tool if needed for the RTP decisions. Plus it quantifies the person's balance with hard data rather than relying on the subjective nature of the balance testing in the other assessments.”

Mark V. Paterno PT, MS, MBA, SCS, ATC
Coordinator of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy,
Assistant Professor Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center,

Cincinnati, OH

The Biodex Concussion Management Program Is Both Reliable
and Cost Effective

“I'm very happy with the new Biodex Concussion Management Program. Here at the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, we have tried some other balance screening tools in the past but haven't been thrilled with the results. In fact, for some devices, we've questioned the reliability of the data generated. Right now, however, we are very excited with the results from our Biodex BioSway System. Over the past six to 12 months we have made an effort to fully implement the BioSway System and the Biodex Concussion Management Program and, in fact, we are well on our way to making the BioSway the only balance assessment tool we use.

“The major advantage of the Biodex BioSway System and the Concussion Management Program is their objectivity. The tools that we've used in the past have generally relied on the subjective evaluation of the treating clinician to determine if there are deficits in the balance, but the beauty of this new combination is that it gives you very objective results of subtle changes in postural sway. This makes for a much more sensitive tool to evaluate if some of these patients actually have deficits.” >>


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