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Biodex is often cited in news articles discussing industry trends, new technology and advancements.  There are also times when we find interesting news articles that we like to share with our customers. Outlined below are periodicals where Biodex has been mentioned, corporate press releases, and other relevant industry news. 

Balance & Coordination

November 26, 2010
Alyssa Harvey, The Daily News, [email protected]

Sue Fulgham has had more than her share of physical ailments.

She has had three hip replacements, two broken femurs, knee replacement and a ruptured disc in her back. In June, she suffered a fall that left her with a broken femur.

"If my leg had gotten infected, I would've lost my leg," the Logan County woman said. "I was in a hospital bed all summer."

The fall also left her with a slightly off-balance gait.

"I leaned forward and to the side. My balance was off," said Fulgham, tilting her hand to the right to show the way her body leaned. "I started physical therapy in September."

About three weeks ago, she started working on a new machine called the Biodex Balance System at Bluegrass Outpatient Center. The facility received it about a month ago. >>

Sizing up the best - The North Platte Telegraph

March 4, 2010
John Lindenberger

While the isokinetic dynamometer was originally designed for use by athletic trainers, he said it can also be beneficial for non-athletes who are undergoing physical therapy. He said the clinic has had its Biodex system for about 20 years now.

Over the years, they have upgraded the equipment to stay current with the latest technology. After seeing the machines in use at the NFL Combine, he feels that North Platte is lucky to have a unit like this available for patients.

"We are the only clinic in town that has one of these machines," he added. >>

Balance is Crucial to Avoiding Falls after Surgery

January 6, 2010
Harlan Levy, Journal Inquirer

I had a hip replacement four weeks ago, and I'm happy to say my doctor said the surgery went exceedingly well, and I'm already walking around with no problem. Also on Monday I started outpatient physical therapy at a nearby rehabilitation facility — a rigorous bunch of exercises including using a recumbent bike and various dumbbells and ankle weights.

One exercise involves trying to stand on one foot for a minute. (I challenge you to do it.) This has to do with the all-important sense of balance.

In order to walk safely it's important to put equal amounts of weight on each foot. But most people have altered their balance before they have a knee or hip replacement because of the pain in the subject hip or knee. And they are at an even higher risk of falling after they have a new hip or knee because it's painful to put pressure on the new joint. >>

Biodex Balance System Helps Local Seniors

May 29, 2008
WRGB 6 Albany

A Rensselaer County Physical Therapist is using the Biodex Balance System SD to help folks keep their balance. >>


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