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Talking Tech: Return-to-Play with the Biodex™ System 4

June 21, 2021
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.
Talking Tech: Return-to-Play with the Biodex System 4


For over 40 years, Biodex isokinetic system test results have provided objective data to guide return-to-play decisions for leading orthopedic sports medicine teams and clinics around the world. We spoke with Training & Conditioning Magazine about what sets the Biodex system apart.

1. Describe how your product helps coaches, athletic directors, and other sports industry professionals?

The Biodex System 4 Dynamometer helps all stakeholders concerned with the well-being of an athlete. Top facilities around the world use the Biodex system to provide progressive exercise for an injured joint or muscle as well as objective assessment of muscle and joint performance. The versatile, safe muscle-loading capabilities of the System 4 dynamometer accommodate the injured athlete through all phases of rehabilitation: from early range-of-motion exercise, to protective isometric strengthening, to late-phase isokinetic exercise for strengthening. Powered by NEW Advantage BX™ software, the System 4 dynamometer offers a streamlined, intuitive experience for the user. Plus, the system now provides an ACL Return-to-Play Report that makes it easy for all stakeholders to read and understand the exact status of muscle and limb symmetry, integral to making an informed return-to-play decision.

2. What specific problems/challenges does your product solve?

Over 40% of providers fail to use objective criteria for ACL return to play. Using objective measures reduces graft failure rate, which explains the recent resurgence of isokinetic strength testing after ACL reconstruction. The System 4 dynamometer removes the guesswork and reduces the risk for the athlete by assessing limb strength symmetry and balanced hamstring-to-quadricep ratios, which are major components of RTP criteria shown to reduce reinjury. The ACL Return-to-Play Report shows clear pass/fail results for isokinetic tests throughout the athlete’s recovery. Grounded in the latest research and supported by a panel of field experts, the report makes it easy to communicate test results, giving athletes and referring physicians the added confidence they are ready to return to play.

3. What sets you apart from similar products or competitors?

For over 40 years, Biodex test results have provided decision-making guidance for many of the world-leading orthopedic sports medicine teams. Doctors are familiar with a Biodex test result. They ask for a Biodex test by name because they have confidence in the numbers and what they mean. The popularity of the brand makes a Biodex test readily accessible, so referring is never a problem. The consistency of the test results is ensured with the standardized test protocols and ease with which a test is performed. Our new software and RTP reporting show that the Biodex team continues to update and innovate in order to better serve the sports medicine community.

4. What is the 'Clinical Advantage' that comes with working with Biodex products?

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the Clinical Advantage for the facilities is added marketability. By offering Biodex isokinetic testing and rehabilitation services, you are distinguishing yourself as a high-end sports performance facility. The Biodex System 4 Dynamometer expands opportunities to increase and maintain a steady stream of referrals for testing and ongoing rehabilitation. Simplifying communication with physicians and patients using the new RTP reporting will help a facility stand apart and build confidence with everyone concerned with an athlete’s health and safety.

5. How can Biodex products help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the world returns to sport after COVID-19 pandemic isolation, there are concerns that athletes may experience a higher rate of injury, reinjury, and time loss as a result of delayed and potentially compressed workload cycles, not to mention game play. It is imperative that sports medicine professionals use all the tools available to them to reduce the risk of injury or reinjury and are armed with the latest evidence and objective measures available. Also, because COVID-19 safety concerns have caused many gyms and rehab centers to shut down or open at reduced levels, standard rehab for ACL may be slowed. This heightens the value of objective isokinetic testing provided by the System 4 dynamometer, and other objective measures, to ensure athletes are not cleared for play prematurely.


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Originally published in Training & Conditioning Magazine


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